Any way to change the tab close button?

  • I made the switch on the Mac I use for work, and frequently find myself clicking on the tab close button when attempting to switch tabs. This feature seems really unintuitive. I was wondering if there was a way to move the close button out of the favicon to the right side of the tab?

  • I haven't read about one. But it wouldn't surprise me if it was possible. You should try to find out more about it and seek help in Modifications.

    Personally it confused me too, so I removed the close-button altogether in settings and instead double click to close or use the shortcut. I found out that I really don't have a need for the close button after all.

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    I can only second luetage's recommendation: I have my tabs on the left, where it is virtually impossible to accidentally press the close tab button, but I still vastly prefer double clicking for closing my tabs. When I was still using Chrome, I would accidentally close a tab at least once a day, because I often have 20+ tabs open in a window, and I would have killed for an option to remove the close tab button and replace it with double click to close.

    The only downside to using double click for closing tabs is that you may catch yourself trying to close, for instance, Finder tabs that way, too. :)

  • I removed the close button. Don't need it because there is a MMB B)

  • Thanks for the suggestion re: mods. I ended up going that route and have something that's (mostly) satisfactory. For others that may stumble upon this in the future.

    I added the following to the custom.css file:

    /* Move the tab close button to the right */
    .tab .close {
    	order: 1 !important;
    /* Keep the favicon */ .favicon {
    	display: block !important;

    I'm going to try to tweak it so that the close button doesn't appear when hovering over inactive tabs when the tab width is below a certain level. This alleviates my main frustration w/the click target, however.

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