HTML img tag with type="image/ico" with multiple layers in icon file

  • I recently made an icon file with multiple layers to support different images depending on the icon size (e.g. for the tab icon, for the folder icon, etc.) I expected that the browser would use the optimal sized image depending on the specified image size. However: See Only Firefox renders in the, by me, expected way. All other browsers use the largest available image and then shrink it down, even to 16x16 pixels. What is the 'standard' way for browsers to handle [color=#0000bb]<[b]img[/b] [color=#ff0044]src=[/color]"layers.ico" [color=#ff0044]alt=[/color]"icon [i]nn[/i]px" [color=#ff0044]type=[/color]"image/ico" [color=#ff0044]style=[/color]"width: [i]nn[/i]px; height: [i]nn[/i]px; ">[/color] ? I have searched for information on this but have found nothing. Thanks for your reaction. Regards, a3ano [Edit] Not related to my question in this thread but mentioned in the test case the Vivaldi bug. I already submitted u Use appropriate sized image from multiple layered icon file for tab icon[/u] to report on the use of the largest icon in the tab bar.


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