• Can you please add the discover feature to vivaldi.

  • @jasperw:

    Can you please add the discover feature to vivaldi.

    Please don't. The reason Opera added that feature is because they are a marketing company now, not a software company. They want to send traffic to specific sites and even profit from that.

    I find Discovery completely not required for daily browsing functions, and it makes people waste tons of time in useless reading, because its there, you will click it and before you know it you are 1 hours without doing anything. It does not make a browser better and it has nothing to do with a browser but more to a service delivering content. A browser should not deliver content from third parties unless you choose so or want so. It's a browser !!! Not a reading application.

    Just think about it. If you want to read things, you can add new sites and blogs to a speedial and there you have it. I don't want content pulled into my browser. It feesl unnatural, just like I never liked those browser that had Facebook and other social things build in. If you start adding this things, then you will start to add more and more remote things…

    I can agree that Discovery is useful for some people, even I use it, but that would be a perfect candidate for a plugin or addon. If you like that kind of stuff there are reading apps which do exactly that and even better and they are optional.

    There are so many reading apps and RSS readers that do similar things. Rather than adding something fixed like that which I cannot change I would prefer if they add an RSS reader, then you can create your own Discovery news section if you want.


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