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  • The [url=http://www.aimwell.org/videos.html]Videos on this page[/url] will play in fullscreen if using Opera 12.17, but not if using Vivaldi 32-bit on Windows 10 64-bit (or Opera 39) or Firefox 47. I get a message that leads to a page "[url=https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6276924]Check your browser's permissions[/url]". I have added the appropriate HTML code to the videos to "allowfullscreen" After removing the quotes from "allowfullscreen" three of the four now play in fullscreen, but the one at top left does not.

  • Confirmed using Vivaldi (1.3.582.3) 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit or Opera dev (41.0) or Firefox 48.

    Not that that helps identify the code problem :unsure:

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    The website is technically (not the content!) a crap.
    It sniffs for a valid browser useragent as Chrome or Firefox and disables Fullscreen for others.

    1. install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher-for-g/ffhkkpnppgnfaobgihpdblnhmmbodake
    2. Open page
    3. Switch User-Agent-Switcher to Chrome for ….

    Then fullscreen works on this page

  • This is strange, fullscreen there works for me in 1.3.582.3 even with the User agent extension disabled or set to Default.

  • I have found the problem with help from other WebPlus users.

    YouTube changed their API, so the "allowfullscreen" needed to be added to the source code generated by WebPlus. The one video that wasn't working had a typo as "allowfulscreen" .

    Opera 12.17 worked regardless.

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