Dvorak Issues

  • I use Vivaldi on Windows with the Dvorak layout. I am using the Windows keyboard layout changer so that guests on my machine can use QWERTY, if necessary. When in Dvorak, the CTRL-comma ("w" key in QWERTY) triggers a closing tab and ALT -> comma triggers the opening of the "Window" submenu of the main menu. Apparently, in Vivaldi the "w" key is not being remapped to the period key in QWERTY. I can only confirm that this happens with the "w" key. Ctrl-T works as expected, as do Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V and Ctrl-P. However, Alt-V fails to open the "View" submenu of the main menu. I assure the reader that the OS is interpreting all of the keys properly (as I'm typing this in Dvorak, currently). Also, Ctrl-W works fine in Chrome, just not in Vivaldi. I'm not sure what's happening. But, I've reported the issue. I've done my part.

  • @fuzzybear3965:

    I've reported the issue. I've done my part.

    Have you already reported it via the Bug Wizard too?

    You haven't told us your Vivaldi version or your Windows version.

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