Autohide for vertical tab bar in windowed mode?

  • I've sidebar on left and tabs on right on 1.4 dev. It is possible to have an autohide function, with "show on mouse over" for the tab bar?

  • Yes. This is possible with pure CSS.
    If you know your way around it, you'll find the answer by fumbling with the code provided in Overlay panels and Autohiding fullscreen UI ;)

  • I tried both; but I'm not very good to edit codes :'(
    I'd like to have this behaviour (hide tabbar/sidebar) in window mode and not in fullscreen (I forgot to say).
    I kinda solved for sidebar with the code below, which seems to have also an overlay in it - probably I've to tweak some values: if panel is maximized, you can accidentally "open" it by hovering; however now I miss only the tab part :)

    /*[Panel Autohider] */
    #panels-container {
    	position: fixed;
    	height: 100%;
    	max-width: 0vw;
    	opacity: 0;
    	z-index: 1;
    	transition: max-width .5s cubic-bezier(0.18, 0.89, 0.32, 1.28), opacity .2s linear .2s;
    #panels-container:hover {
    	max-width: 99vw;
    	opacity: 1;
    	transition-delay: 0s;

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