Thank you…

  • I feel really moved to see all this effort and to use a browser again which is based on the old Opera idea. I feel picked up, cared and heard. I hope all you employees will get the effort of this and that Vivaldi will live and evolve in the next decade. 🙂

  • I'm glad you like it 🙂

  • Man, I'm really moved by this thing. By all its pre-releaseness. I've deleted all bookmarks and by accident deleted the whole speed dial. Then I recognized the upper "+" button at the top of the (now empty) Speed Dial page. :ohmy: How efficient. Then I digged deeper in the bookmarks system. Oh boy, this is gold. "Use as speeddial". Why have I missed this? The whole bookmarks page is the best idea your competitors never had. And it's an old idea. And it's just recognizable, clearly arranged and practical. And then I downloaded my first file and saw the download panel. That was the moment, I felt back home.

    I wrote it at reddit: What's my favorite feature so far? My answer: The whole approach. The chuzpah to say "All your Firefoxes, Chromes and Safaris are not good enough and we want to pick up the nerds that are a bit different".
    Yeah, I know it's not fair - so many people and webbrowser projects exist with the same manner but this here is the freakin' old Opera spirit. They have worked and developed a dozen months and provide us now a chewy, bedazzling, modern, clunky, old-timed, feels-like-home, feels like mothers womb web-browser and I love it.

    Give me all your bugs, give me all your functions. Give me all your love and I will give it back.

  • "A Browser for our Friends." –- can't be more clear than that.

    It was literally heartbreaking to me when Opera 15 was released. I felt sad, lost... 15 years of Opera. It was the internet for many of us. It took me months to get FireFox into a half-way usable state, when I finally gave up on Opera about a year ago.

    When I read the news about Vivaldi this week. Awesome just awesome. I hadn't realized it was still being worked on... as there hadn't been anything in the press since that reference back in 2013/2014 that Jon was going to revive the community, and bring us a new browser.


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