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  • Hi there. Whenever i want to scroll down on a page by dragging the scroll bar down and so move my mouse to the right side of my screen, i get the annoying "resize window" icon as if the browser wasn't maximized.. This annoyingly only occurs on the right side of the browser, where the scroll bar is located.. I'm a power user and would like to be able to quickly grab the scroll bar on any page i visit to scroll down to my specific desire, but having the "resize window" thing there prevents me from doing so in a quick manner. Can/will this be dealt with in the foreseeable future?

  • Moderator

    If you're seeing the resize cursor, then your browser window is apparently not maximised. Try dragging it to one side by using the Title bar. Or, use Windows Key + Up to maximise the window.

  • Like i said, my window IS maximized. Hence me reporting this rather odd occurrence..
    I would provide a screenshot but printscreen doesn't record the cursor in the capture so that seemed rather useless..


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