Opera Sync Service Hacked

  • It seems Opera's browser sync service was just hacked and users data (including passwords) where compromised. EDIT: Passwords where hashed after all it seems. Personally, I think that storing passwords and other sensitive data in any browser is just a bad idea without a master password but maybe that is just me...

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    What's your source? The passwords were of course hashed. You need to change them anyway…


  • On Hackers News they reported passwords where compromised and I also remember the sync in Opera did not have encryption or hashing when it was first implemented. I assume they did this eventually so my mistake.

    I take that back. It seems password where hashed and encrypted.

  • Yeah it's hard to tell what the hackers got. I had an app which I used to export all the passwords from Opera 12 back in the day, but this hack might have been for Chropera's version of the sync service, which is presumably a little better protected in terms of encryption.

    Either way I finally committed to a long overdue removal of Opera and deleted my account with them. It's Vivaldi only going forward!

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