• Hello folks! I used Opera for many many years and switched over to Vivaldi a few months ago. I am pleased with it! Except one thing: That nasty ERR_CACHE_MISS error page: [attachment=4332]20160827_ERR_CACHE_MISS.jpg[/attachment] I cannot handle it. Reloading the page as noted is not possible, because no resubmit happens! No popup appears (like in Firefox or other browsers), nada. I just want to resend that data. Disabling all extensions does not help ... Is there an option I've turned on/off somewhere?! Greetings from 34°C hot Germany ! Addendum: am using the latest version of Vivaldi 1.3.551.38; updated yesterday, on Win8.1 32bit. Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Oh yes, this is a nasty and already reported bug: VB-15683 "ERR_CACHE_MISS with form in webpage"
    I feel with you if you suffer from such issue. Sometimes it happens to me, but very, very seldom.

    There is no flag or setting to fix it.

    I will ask a developer internally about this. Perhaps we get a fix in some days or weeks.

    PS: Greetings back with a 36°C hot summer afternoon in Oberfranken (Germany) and melting myself in my overheated office. 😉

  • Allmäächd! 😎
    Ok, ich harre der Dinge. Hab mir schon sowas gedacht…
    Grüße aus bayrisch Schwaben! :side:

  • I am still waiting for it ... 😞
    Browsing back and forth to avoid expensive database requests is only possible within session timeout, after that I cannot repeat the queries by resending them. I always have to restart from scratch by login, entering the complete query parameters and so on. Nasty.

    (v1.6.689.40 @Windows here)

  • Clear Google Chrome Cache to solve this issue.

    Other solutions: How To Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome

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    Need a testcase to reproduce.
    An i can not reproduce such bug with current 1.12 and 1.13 in visited webapps.

  • Due to err_cache_miss, you need to resubmission a form. I mean which page of the website you’re viewing have submission of data to proceed. Most of the time we already enter the data but it needs to be entered again. If this error you face repeating then its mean which browser, you’re using have problem. May me some configurations are not configured correctly or may be some things in Cache unusable.


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