• Hello folks! I used Opera for many many years and switched over to Vivaldi a few months ago. I am pleased with it! Except one thing: That nasty ERR_CACHE_MISS error page: [attachment=4332]20160827_ERR_CACHE_MISS.jpg[/attachment] I cannot handle it. Reloading the page as noted is not possible, because no resubmit happens! No popup appears (like in Firefox or other browsers), nada. I just want to resend that data. Disabling all extensions does not help ... Is there an option I've turned on/off somewhere?! Greetings from 34°C hot Germany ! Addendum: am using the latest version of Vivaldi 1.3.551.38; updated yesterday, on Win8.1 32bit. Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Oh yes, this is a nasty and already reported bug: VB-15683 "ERR_CACHE_MISS with form in webpage"
    I feel with you if you suffer from such issue. Sometimes it happens to me, but very, very seldom.

    There is no flag or setting to fix it.

    I will ask a developer internally about this. Perhaps we get a fix in some days or weeks.

    PS: Greetings back with a 36°C hot summer afternoon in Oberfranken (Germany) and melting myself in my overheated office. ;)

  • Allmäächd! B)
    Ok, ich harre der Dinge. Hab mir schon sowas gedacht…
    Grüße aus bayrisch Schwaben! :side:

  • I am still waiting for it ... :disappointed:
    Browsing back and forth to avoid expensive database requests is only possible within session timeout, after that I cannot repeat the queries by resending them. I always have to restart from scratch by login, entering the complete query parameters and so on. Nasty.

    (v1.6.689.40 @Windows here)

  • Clear Google Chrome Cache to solve this issue.

    Other solutions: How To Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome

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