Vivaldi Inconsistently Recognizing My Keyboard Layout

  • I have my keyboard set up using the Dvorak keyboard layout. So, for example, the key most of you think of as "K" is for me "T", while the key you think of as "W" is "," (and conversely, by coincidence, "," is "W"). With that preface out of the way, Vivaldi behaves mostly properly with this- I hit MY "CMD+T" shortcut (which you would see as CMD+K), and it opens a new tab. The one exception that I've discovered- and it's a big one- is "," and "W". It sees these in their QWERTY positions, and not their Dvorak positions. That is to say, when I hit MY "CMD+W", Vivaldi interprets it as "CMD+,", and brings up the settings pane. As a workaround, I can swap the bindings, but this is definitely a bug in the keyboard handling. It only applies to keyboard SHORTCUTS, and it only seems to apply to THIS pair of keys. Other shortcuts seem to work. Using: Vivaldi 1.3.582.3 (Developer Build) (64-bit) OSX: 10.11.4

  • Thank you for the report. It is my understanding that this bug will be gone when the issue with the ID VB-19781 is fixed, so if you see that ID in the patch notes the problem should no longer be there.

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