New update corrupts.

  • After updating my instillation it becomes corrupt and any attempt to re-install leads t o the same issue. It appears to be running in task manager but barely. This is a rather big issue as Vivaldi is now my main browser as it is awesome and I've had to reinstall Edge to Write this. Please... [u]help[/u]? Maybe..?

  • Hi, this should fix your issue:

    You loose passwords and extensions but get back a clean profile.

    Cheers, mib

  • I have tried this multiple times, however it still breaks. And due to the nature of the issue i cant delete the all the files.

  • Are you sure there aren't any vivaldi.exe in memory? Happens sometimes that closing vivaldi doesn't actually close all resident processes which are still doing "something", ctrl-shift-esc and see the running processes, and in case, terminate all Vivaldi.exe occurrences.

  • Yep. no sign of it anywhere. This is driving me nuts.

  • What sort of platform are you on? Yours is a pretty specific and unique bug - especially given that refreshing your profile doesn't seem to help. THAT is a very reliable cure-all. So there is something goofy with your system, given that no one else has reported this precise bug. Ever.

  • And due to the nature of the issue i cant delete the all the files.

    Does this mean you delete not all files from your profile?

    Cheers, mib

  • Ive managed to fix it. It turns out my ssd had chosen to corrupt that one folder and nothing else. So i ran chkdsk and that sorted it. I have since moved Vivaldi to my hdd until my ssd earns my trust back.

  • I'm both glad to hear it wasn't vivaldi's fault and sorry for your SSD drive :huh:

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