"Sava as" file doesn't work. Always behave as simple "Save" instead

  • Every time I try to download some files and I get the save dialog box, when I try to use "Save as" instead "Save", to maybe rename the file, it never works and just go directly to save the file with the default name and the default location. Using Vivaldi 1.3.551.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on OsX El Capitan 10.11.6

  • Just to make sure I understand:
    You click on a download button on a web page, then the Vivaldi pop-up appears where you can choose between Save, Save as, Open, and Cancel, and there you click on the "Save as" button, but then you never get the window where you can choose a different download folder or name? Or do you get that window but Vivaldi then saves the file to the default download folder anyway?

    Also, what happens if you right-click on an image (for instance your profile picture here) and then do "Save Image as…". Are you then also unable to save to a different folder?

  • Hi,
    the first option. I click on a download button/link (it's a video for a course I'm attending on Coursera) and I get the dialog box where I can decide the action. Usually with other browsers (Chrome, FF open another windows instead) the "Save As" option works fine and I can select where and how to save the video. Never happens instead with Vivaldi (just tried also on my Linux workstation, same problem):if I press "Save as" is doing exactly like "Save", same things for "Open", just download with the provided name and to the default location and nothing else happen.
    If I right click and "Save as" I can see the Operating System dialog box asking where and how to save the target.


  • I have never experienced this issue myself, but after a bit of digging, I have found out that this is actually a known bug that is internally tracked as VB-7762. It only seems to affect a small number of "web based" file types such as html and svg, but not most other file types (e.g., zip, dmg, mp4, exe, tar, etc.) for which you would usually get a download prompt.

    So when you see the above issue ID in the changelog, you know that it has been fixed. In the meantime, "Save as" will work for most file types, just not the ones mentioned above.

  • I'm trying to download a .mp4 file.
    Look at the pictures attached, please:

    1. click on the link "Download Lecture Video"
    2. press the button "Save as" on the following dialog box
    3. the download starts with the default name and default location


  • Tried to make also a fast screen capture video. I hope it helps (downloading a mp4 and also a pdf file):


    (you can play it with VLC player)


  • That is very interesting. When I just downloaded an mp4 file (that I had renamed to index.mp4, just to make sure there was no weird index.html/mp4 thing going on with your file) from the Dropbox website, "Save as" worked as expected. I was, however, shown the actual file size, whereas in your second screenshot, file size is show as "Unknown". Maybe there is some redirecting going on at Coursera that is causing the bug to also be present for file types that are usually not affected by it.


    I just saw your second posting, thanks for documenting the issue so well. I've now added this information about other file types being affected by the bug under the right circumstances to the bug report mentioned above. Also, if your plan was to get me to sign up for Coursera, it is working! (I had planned to check it out for some time anyway, though) 😉

  • :lol: Hope you will enjoy the courses. 😉
    It could be a problem with Coursera or the way they let you download the files.
    My point is on any other browsers, it works fine.


  • The bug is definitely on Vivaldi's side, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. It's just that the way Coursera offers those files for download is apparently a bit more indirect than how most other places do it, which is why you typically don't encounter this bug when downloading files of those file types from other places.

  • I just logged on to the forum to post this very thing. file dialog box comes up, click "Save as", it immediately started to download without allowing me to select location and/or filename. Not a recent issue, always had this issue since the first public release. I'm on Win10.

  • Moderator

    Have never seen this. We must download from different places. On Win 10 - my download settings are:
    Download Location: C:\Users"USER"\Desktop
    "Always save files to default download location" UNCHECKED
    "Open Download Panel Automatically" UNCHECKED

    I always get the dialogue asking where I want to download anything, and it always goes where I specify. If I don't specify anything, it goes to the most recent folder I downloaded to.

    But keep in mind, this is a MAC topic. User here is describing download behavior on a Mac.

  • I had never encountered this bug before, either, until I tried to reproduce it on Coursera, but it definitely seems to be cross platform. If you don't want to create a Coursera account, you can do the following to reproduce it:

    • Navigate to http://tiddlywiki.com/
    • Press the save icon near the top right of the page (circle with the tick)

  • confirmed also on windows 7, vivaldi 1.4.589.2 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
    both save buttons (circle button on top right and "download empty" in the middle of the page) generate some hexadecimal name in the save box, but they get always saved in default location even if save as is chosen, with a correct name.


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