• I updated the brwoser yesterday. Now, everything is slow, website won't load or load very very slowly. Scrolling crash the website. Password load very very slowly. Memory is slow. What is the problem please

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    That's impossible to say. Perhaps you should refresh your profile.

  • i am not advertising.
    This is one of the website that causes me problem, please could you go and see if you have the same problem?
    the website just freeze.

  • Hi, work fine for me, watching part of the trailer too on 1.3.582.3.
    Check what Ayespy mention.

    Cheers, mib

  • Same here - 1.2 was a slowdown and 1.3 is now even slower. Only happens some of the time and it seems to prefer some websites to others, but when the bug bites, it's ssslllllooowww to load a page like I haven't seen a browser be slow in years. GMail, Speedtest.net, Vivaldi.net… all kinds of websites are loading like crap now. On Windows and Linux alike.

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    Why doesn't anyone try the fix I suggested above?

  • It's the weekend, I don't work for Vivaldi, I will try the fix if and when I feel like trying the fix. Meanwhile I just wanted to help create a better impression of how many users are having this problem - it remains highly abnormal for the browser to become slow as hell after an upgrade even if this can be fixed through complicated manual user profile resetting procedures at the user's end.

    So far I've tried simply disabling all my extensions and this hasn't fixed it. I'll post back when I have anything new.

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    Yes, it's abnormal. So abnormal that there is every chance it is not related to Vivaldi's code. That's why we recommend to refresh the profile. It takes about three minutes, and fixes it or doesn't. But since literally millions of users, including all of the developers and testers, upgrade without incident, never experience the slowing you have, and cannot replicate it, It helps to know whether the solution would be so sort of harden Vivaldi's files so that they are less easily corrupted by user activity.

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