Eternal Questions Every Time i Upgrade Vivaldi.

  • [color=#440088][u][b]Notes[/b][/u]: [A] I am posting in Linux as that's what i use, but i suspect this topic might be relevant more broadly. (B] The advent of SS 1.3.582.3 today prompted this post [rant], but the issues below have perturbed me also for myriad prior versions of SS & Stable. [b][u]Eternal Questions[/u][/b]: 1. [b]Where[/b] are my Web Panels stored within [i]Default[/i]? [so i can easily copy them between V instances, rather than have to manually recreate them]. 2. [b]Why[/b] do my Web Panels stubbornly display with "huge" fonts & images [apparently 100%], when my UI setting is 70% & webpage setting is 90%? Is there a workaround to shrink the Web Panels' fonts & images? [many times, when i have let V go to background whilst i use other pgms, or am away from pc, upon my return i find the WPs have shrunk themselves to suit my UI scale [this is great, exactly what i want!!] but as soon as i reload them they revert to 100% [& so slam me backwards into my chair again]. 3. Why, why [b]WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY[/b], can't / don't Extensions migrate across from one V instance to another? Why do i always have to waste so much time each time i do a clean installation, reinstalling all my many Extensions? Copying each of [i]Extension Rules, Extension State, Extensions, Local App Settings, Local Extension Settings, Local Storage, Managed Extension Settings, & Extension Cookies[/i] across from one [i]Default[/i] to the other [i]Default[/i] [of a clean install] is simply a 95% waste of time... upon launch of the "new" V [SS or Stable; irrelevant] i always find all Extensions are missing, or [if the lunar phase & wind direction are just right] all Extensions are listed, but all are buggered & have to be removed one by one then installed one by one [i said 95% not 100% coz once all Extensions are reinstalled, their applicable data are present care of the copied [i]Local Storage[/i] folder]. Whenever i upgrade Slimjet or Chromium i NEVER have this PITA with their Extensions. I love V, but i HATE this exasperating Extension fragility, & the huge cumulative time it steals. ....................................................................................... My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2. [/color]

  • I don't know about your first two points because I don't use Web Panels but for me, Extensions are always migrated when I upgrade either a snapshot or the stable version. Could be a deb/rpm difference maybe (I'm on Mageia 5, 64-bit, KDE4.14), or something on your system that's not cooperating.

  • Hi Steffie,
    I may be misunderstanding your issue :oops: and I am by no means a power user, but I have had painless updating for a while by linking to a single permanent profile (which I occasionally clean up according to your instructions given elsewhere). What do you think? (spot is the unpriveleged user in Puppylinux. woof!)

    ls ~/spot/.config
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 spot spot 15 Aug 18 10:46 vivaldi -> vivaldi-profile
    drwx 11 spot spot 4096 Aug 27 12:25 vivaldi-profile
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 spot spot 15 Aug 18 10:46 vivaldi-snapshot -> vivaldi-profile

    I used to have a vivaldi-beta link too!

  • Thanks to you both Violator [OMZ that's an intimidating name!] & wognath [much less terrifying] :P

    I suspect i was too "ranty" & insufficiently "explainy", so i'll try to do better now.

    My bellyache about the Extensions & upgrades did NOT allude to the comparatively simple & mostly reliable process of having an existing fully-functional SS, or Stable, be upgraded via Mint's Update Manager to the latest version, whilst retaining active usage of the existing profile [[i]Default folder]. That process rarely if ever lets me down [[i]now, though in early 2015 many SS updates were often an exciting rollercoaster adventure re breakage].

    My moans, groans & footstamps instead refer to the following scenario. I use aspects of our (wognath) previously discussed Profile Cleaning regimen, thus have my "old" Default along with a brand new virgin "clean" Default [this applies either to my Stable or my SS profile; i do prefer to keep them physically separate as a catastrophe-avoidance measure, though i'm even further impressed [i]wognath at your amazing Linux skills re your Puppy CLI work just now shared; OMZ]. Then, again per that other thread, i copy from my old Default into my virginal Default my Notes, Sessions, Tabs, History, Bookmarks, Dictionary, Favicons files – all this works fine & produces the desired effect in my launched "new" SS/Stable. However prior to launching, there's also the accursed matter of the Extensions. My always-failed attempts to copy these [complete & functional] from old to new Default involves all those specific extensions folders & files i listed in my original post.

    Does that make any better sense now? I presume that neither of you is actually saying that you can paste all your Extensions files/folders from one V instance to another, & they all magically work?
    My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2.

    PS – At the risk of me creating further confusion, note there is an entirely different scenario i also often do, which i am not referring to in this post; that of recreating an existing SS from my Tower's primary OS' on-SSD V, into one of my several VMs' V installations on my Tower's HDD. In these cases, copying across the entire Default folder, always produces still-functional Extensions. That however is NOT the subject of this post, as that process merely "clones" an existing V [which might not be in good condition, if it's the result of multiple consecutive historical upgrades, particularly across many chromium versions], whereas my current post's objective is to produce a "clean" profile but then backfill it with my vital personal data [[i]excluding the existing Preferences file, as that seems to be especially vulnerable to crud accumulation from successive historical upgrades, & so must be replaced by the virginal one per this process]. Clear as mud?

  • Further to my original post's #2, here's some pics. The 1st shows the webpanel after my pc had been idle for a couple of hours [WP scale has automagically become my UI scale of 70%, just as i like]. 2nd shows same WP immediately after i reloaded it; all huge again at 90% or 100% (i don't want this, but it seems to be the "normal" behaviour]. Anyone have any ideas why it intermittently changes scale, associated with being idle?



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