Vivaldi 1.3 - Minor Update - 1.3.551.38.

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    [quote=ruario] [b]The stable update is 1.3.551.38.[/b] They are effectively the same build but pull updates from different channels (snapshot and stable respectively).[/quote] [b]Changelog[/b] [li][Regression] HTTP Status 302 opens an empty page (VB-20337) [li][Regression] Bookmark panel: Bookmark thumbnails not shown (VB-19895) [li][Regression] Adding new note scrolls the list to the top (VB-18188) [li][Regression] Context menu shows up instead of starting gesture (VB-20092) [li][Regression] Can't interact with page if "Use Alt for mouse gesture" (VB-20358) [li]Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs (VB-17519) [li]Releasing Alt after Alt+wheel activates the Vivaldi menu (VB-11999

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