New Tab Typing Cut Off

  • I filed a bug report for this ages ago and I'm surprised that it has not been addressed. Has anyone noticed this: press Ctrl+T to create a new tab. Start typing immediately, before the new tab appears. After the new tab appears, the text typed until that point appears briefly and is then deleted. This delay is usually enough to remove the first two or three characters, which is infuriating. I'm using the 64 bit Windows version.

  • I can't reproduce, tab appears immediately after pressing ctrl-t, no delays at all here.

  • Thanks for trying. I have about 80 tabs open, so I tried creating a new window and noticed that the delay for new tabs was tiny. I opened a few dozen new (speed dial) tabs and noticed that the delay to create a new tab increased to perhaps 0.3 or 0.4 of a second - about the same as my main window. However, in the new window, new tabs were not behaving as I described - the text that I typed before the new tab opened was appearing and not being deleted.

    So, it appears as though my problem it might relate to some particular content which I have open in my main window. This might take some time to narrow down :).

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    I have about 80 tabs open

    You will have far fewer issues if you don't overload the program with too many tabs. There are bookmarks, speed dials, and sessions to that you only need to open the tabs that you're currently using. How many speed dials do you have? I have 18, which is the most that I can fit on my 1920 x 1080 monitor without scrolling.

    Most users open 20 or fewer tabs.

    You might also have fewer issues with the 32-bit version.

  • Okay! I believe I have narrowed it down. Before filing another bug report, I wonder if some of you would be so kind as to help me test this. It turns out it has nothing (directly) to do with the number of tabs open. To make this work, you must have the Settings->Tabs->New Tab Position->After Active Tab selected. Then, you must have at least two tabs open, and the active tab must not be the rightmost tab. Press Ctrl+T to create a new tab, and immediately follow with some other characters. The new tab will appear immediately to the right of the previously active tab (as expected), but any characters typed too soon will briefly appear and then disappear again. If no-one else can confirm this, then I will produce a video to demonstrate.

    To make clear the use case: the way I use my browsers, nearly everything that goes into the address bar is a search term, either directly (for the default search) or with a search alias (e.g. "a pencil" will send "pencil" to amazon as a search string). Therefore, I am in the habit of pressing Ctrl+T and very rapidly continuing to type whatever it is I want to search for.

  • Hi, I can confirm the "Bug" but need 3 trials to got it. 🙂
    You have to type so fast after Ctrl + T nobody noticed it, I fear.
    What I have typed is in the pull down search after disappeared from adress field.
    I am on Linux 64 with 1.4.589.4 /64

    Cheers, mib


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