Windows batch file for patching your mods into Vivaldi

  • @rseiler If your lines are just added on to the existing batch file, won't the rest of the batch file have already replaced the new browser.html (from the newly installed Vivaldi version) with the old backed up one one, before your lines can get to the new one to edit it? It seems the bat file would need to be modified with your lines merged in instead of just tacked on.

  • @Christoph142 I tried using the batch file (without rseiler's code), and it said it was successful, and it renamed my browser.html in my mod files folder to browser.bak.html, but didn't actually copy it or my custom.js file into the application folder. Paths in my bat file are:
    set "modFolder=C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\my mod files"
    set installPaths="C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application"

    My browser.html and custom.js files are in "my mod files".

    Also, what's the point of renaming the modded browser.html file into browser.bak.html? Or is that not how it's supposed to work?
    Maybe instead it's supposed to move the modded browser.html into the application folder, and move the new browser.html from the install from the application folder into the mods folder (and rename it)? If so, that's not ideal since the modded browser.html file is then missing for next time. So neither of these methods make sense to me.
    It should instead keep the modded file in the mod folder, copy instead of move it to the application folder, and take the new one and rename it with 'bak', 'new', etc and it could just be left it in the application folder.

  • @Jack9 Just for clarification, what I posted is meant to work on its own, not in conjunction with the original. It still works.

  • @rseiler I was just going by your earlier post:
    "If you wanted to plug it into the existing batch, it could go right before the end."

  • That was a long time ago. Not sure what that was about, or even what the existing batch was back then, but it was in reference to the snippet, not the entire file that I posted later. In any case, there's no point in combining.


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