Broken delete typed history

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    Hi, still broken Deleting typed history in Adress Bar and Search Bar. See videos below: Adress: Search: For explained: If you click to expand the list of written history in the address bar, and then click the Remove an item from the line, the list will disappear. Then, if you click on a page, the list will appear and remove other items can be performed properly. Win10 x64 Home, Win7 x64 Pro

  • Oh it's true, sometimes the X doesn't even appear, or doesn't delete the entry.

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    @iAN CooG:

    I can' reproduce this, the history lines I delete don't appear anymore, in any of the other tabs aswell.

    And in Search bar ?

  • sorry, edited my previous post, it seems not consistent, but I reproduced it now, sometimes the X doesn't appear or doesn't actually do anything. both in url history and and search bar

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    Thanks for the confirmation . :)

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