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  • So I made sure to do a cursory search before making this topic and I didn't see anything addressing my issue yet. I'm currently using version 1.3.551.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit) and whenever I go to a Youtube video, the player simply does not load. There's no error message, or anything like that, just a black box, and when I click on it, the usual HTML5 context menu does not show up, it acts like I'm right clicking the blank white space of a webpage. Does anyone have any solutions or has anyone else run into this problem?

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    There's no data here on which to base an opinion.

    First let me mention that YouTube works perfectly here on the same version.

    Next: do you have any extensions installed? What is your platform? How long have you been using Vivaldi? Did you use any prior versions? Did YouTube work on them for you? Have you made any other changes to your system?

  • Okay. I have several extensions installed, a couple of which are Youtube related. Have tried disabling the only one which ought to have any effect (ImprovedTube) to no effect. The other two are Looper and Reversed Playlist which do exactly what they sound like. The rest of my extensions.

    I am using Windows 8.1, I've been using Vivaldi for a few months now, and whichever version I had previously (I believe the non-stable 1.3) was able to run videos just fine until I opened my laptop up yesterday and they no longer worked; I updated, still did not work. Restarting computer had no effect. I have made no other changes to my system that I can remember, outside of updating the touch-pad drivers so that I could properly disable the touch-pad while using a plugged-in mouse.

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    I bet if you refresh your profile, it fixes it.

  • That did indeed work. I've no idea what caused the problem, but thank you.

  • H, could you please mark solved with green checkmark in first post?

    Cheers, mib

  • Done

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