Several issues with v1.3

  • Hi, I have been using Vivaldi since v1.2 so Im new to it, but know my way around. Let me point some issues I encounter and I dont like it. [ul] [li]- My Google search is in NL because of my IP. When subject I search shows up I like to click on the window on the right to switch to English. (This is how it works with Google) I get each time blank page[/li] [li]-Link clicked in email opens browser and again it`s BlankPage. [/li] [li]-I was logged in somewhere and there was time out and I was asked to re-login. I clicked Login and...Vivaldi brought me to BlankPage. /li] [li]-Search in browser sometimes brings me to BlankPage as result[/li] [li]-Extensions from Chrome works ONLY when Opera or Chrome is installed. Without those browsers forget it. Example: Roboform. Works great , but I had to reinstall Opera to keep this working. There are a few more extensaions that need those browsers to function at all.[/li] [/ul] Blank Pages are so annoying and there is no way it will work after page reload. One must input url to browser again to open website. I think this is serious bug

  • I think you could have done a bit of research before posting, it has been reported several times in the last weeks, and it's been already fixed in current snapshot. 😉

  • Thanks. Sorry for late reply and not make research. I haven`t received any information by email about your reply. This time I must check Notify box below. I will also test latest update.



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