Custom Thumbnails for Speed Dial Shortcuts and Clipboard Image Upload

  • I have been using vivaldi for a little bit and I love it dearly. It has been a smooth transition from using chrome to Vivaldi. I just want to make the speed dial page a bit more appealing. My thought is that maybe you can give your Speed Dial Shortcuts custom thumbnails? My idea is that you can upload a picture and crop it to fit the thumbnail like Google does for their profile picture upload feature. Also, the resolution of the image can be written down and you can create your own thumbnail. Popular websites like YouTube, Twitter, IGN and etc should have thumbnails by default. Another suggestion is an option that when you are prompted to insert a file from your computer, be able to insert an image from your clipboard. Thanks, John 🙂

  • This is already item number 8 on the Feature Request list at the top of the forum.

    While you're waiting there are ways to do this.

    Customising Speed Dial Thumbnails.


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