HDD constantly busy with Vivaldi!!!

  • Hello, I still have a problem with "using HDD" when running Vivaldi. I tried all browsers and does so only with Vivaldi, ranging 1,2-1,7Mb / s constantly and i dont know what to do. I like Vivaldi, but this problem "constantly busy drive" is sucks. Thank you for your time!

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    Did you try a clean profile?

  • Now I turned off all extensions that I had (Awesome Screenshot: Screen Capture, Evernote Web Clipper, KEEP - Amazon Price Tracker, Office Online), and it looks good….until when i was open 2-3new pages, constantly hdd using 1,2-1,4Mb/s up. (Different with off extensions is 0.3Mb/s. It is constantly).

    With other browsers no problem with 5,10,20 same pages. Vivaldi using hdd still even though I haven´t open any page and when Vivaldi close, i have to cancel in task manager.

    Thanks for advice.

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    You might want to actually refresh your profile. This is rather different from just turning off some extensions.

    The prime suspect in many of these cases is the Top Sites file which, if you've never replaced it, can eat HDD all day.

  • Deleting top sites file, is a permanent solution ?

    Thanks and sry for my English .

  • Today i uninstalled Vivaldi with IObit Uninstaller, i have full version and what i see, vivaldi is still running in task manager (0,9MB/s)!!!. After restart, completely delete all files a then new installation Vivaldi works correctly. So i will not install any plugins now. One problem i had. My backup bookmarks cant import to new instalation no way. I have czech language in Vivaldi.


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    If you did not export the file to HTML, then no - you can't import it. Just place it where it goes, replacing the other file.

  • I've formated my disk and reinstalled windows & vivaldi from scratch and this bug still exists…
    "Temporary" solution is here; https://vivaldi.net/forum/all/8634-temporary-fix-for-constant-writing-to-top-sites-and-destroying-your-disk

  • Just ran into this myself. Left computer for a few minutes came back and noticed the hard drive light flashing like crazy. Task manager show Vivaldi as the culprit. Closed vivaldi the normal way. Yet the vivaldi process remained.. Let it run for a couple more minutes before I finally manually killed it.

    Looking at another thread it mentioned a problem with topsites. I deleted the files and restarted vivaldi and so far it is still normal.

    This is Vivaldi 1.3.551.38 64-bit Think I only had 3 tabs open at the time this happened.


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