There is a bug in the latest version!

  • Hi. I started using Vivaldi today and i'm pretty satisfied. But i encountered a bug. Settings>Tabs>New Tab Page. I couldn't choose the "Homepage"! When i click on it, it chooses the "Blank Page".

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    It's working fine for me.
    What have you set for your home page?

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    Did you enter the full web address (or local file address) of your home page in the "New Tab Page" box?

  • It happens because Startup/Homepage is blank or "about:blank"

    This is strange, I have Startup/Homepage set to vivaldi://startpage and if I select in Tabs/New Tab Page=Start Page, the Speed Dial shows on new tab as expected, but selecting Homepage, the new tab page gets an error with url shown as vivaldi://startpage BUT the error says "The webpage at chrome://startpage/ might be temporarily down" … press enter on the url and Speed Dial appears.
    It's confusing if anything =)

  • @Pesala:

    It's working fine for me.
    What have you set for your home page?

    Hi. I have added speed dials on the homepage. When I closed the browser and opened it, all the speed dials were gone!
    Last night I added them again and it's working for now.
    But the "Homepage" issue still persists.

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    That's not the homepage. That's the Speed Dial, also known as the StartPage. Your home page is YOUR page on the web you like your browser to open to, if you have one. It might be, or Huffingtonpost, or Yandex or whatever. It's a page you select. By default, the HOME page is set to be the Vivaldi page on the web. You go there when you click the little house to the left of the address bar. The New Tab Page can be, again any web page you select it to be, by entering the full web address, or if you don't set it, then new tabs will open in StartPage.

    The Speed Dial or StartPage is the page you get when you click the "+" sign to add a tab. You can set ANY of your bookmark folders to show on this page. If you don't select a folder for this page, or if you put in a non-address value (like just a word, not an actual address) into the Menu/Tools/Settings/Startpage box for this page, it will come up blank. It wants you to tell it what bookmark folder to open in.

    Now - you might not LIKE speed dial. If you don'e want to use it, you can go to menu/tools/settings/tabs and set your "New Tab Page" to be anything other than Speed Dial by entering a web address there.

    If you want the "Home" button by the address bar to not be a web page, but rather to open in Speed Dial/StartPage, then at menu/tools/settings/startup/Home Page, you can enter the value, "vivaldi://startpage" and then that is where the Home button will take you.

    I hope that clarifies some things.

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