What happened to tab cycling?

  • Tab cycling doesn't work for me. https://vivalditips.com/navigation/tab-cycling Did i miss something?

  • Moderator

    Works here. Do you have it enabled? Do you have any tab-handling extensions?

  • That's a good one!
    Why didn't i check settings first before posting?
    Really! Sometimes i just wonder where my head is at (or not)!

  • What doesn't work though, is the tab feature "Switch Tabs by Scrolling", if you have stacked tabs in your window.

    It works if you don't have stacked tabs and stops if you do. :-) To get it working again select "Ungroup Tab Stack" and switch to another tab with a mouse click. Than "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" will work again.

    Snapshot 1.3.551.37
    Windows 10

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    I just tested this. With stacked tabs and so many tabs that you get the scroll bar, with tabs on right, hover and scroll stops working. However, right-button+scroll still works.

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