Snapshot 1.3.551.37 - 1.3 stable, minor update RC1

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    [quote=ruario]Today's snapshot is a test version of a small update for our 1.3 stable, to address some serious bugs that you have been reporting. If no (new) regressions are found we will rebuild it for the stable update channel and pass it on to our stable users shortly. [b]Note:[/b] This build is version 1.3.551.37, the stable update will be 1.3.551.38. They are effectively the same build but pull updates from different channels (snapshot and stable respectively).[/quote] [b]Changelog[/b] [li][Regression] HTTP Status 302 opens an empty page (VB-20337) [li][Regression] Bookmark panel: Bookmark thumbnails not shown (VB-19895) [li][Regression] Adding new note scrolls the list to the top (VB-18188) [li][Regression] Context menu shows up instead of starting gesture (VB-20092) [li][Regression] Can't interact with page if "Use Alt for mouse gesture" (VB-20358) [li]Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs (VB-17519) [li]Releasing Alt after Alt+wheel activates the Vivaldi menu (VB-11999)


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