Why forum instead of tracker? (+ bunch of feedback items)

  • Hello guys, (forgive me this long text, lists are not shown as lists somewhy) First, I'd like to say "hooray!" because I still use Opera 12 and I wasn't hoping anything like this coming. Second, I wonder: why forum for feedback? I mean, for consistent feedback, avoiding issue duplicates, tracking changes etc different bug trackers seem to be much better (when I'm talking about a bug tracker, I'm thinking about GitHub kind of interface in the first place, but there are many others). So why not smth like bug tracker? (or a general feedback service like Getsatisfaction or others) Third, I'd like to write my feedback here and granulate it later, when I understand the point about "Second". A thing that I've noticed about Vivaldi on my notebook is [ul] [li][b]problem: fonts of the interface are too small (hi-res screen + win7) [strike]and I don't see any possibility to enlarge them[/strike][/b][/li] [/ul] Now, main part of what I'd like to say is about what I like in Opera 12, what I don't like there and what's about those features in Vivaldi for now: [ul] [li]configurable hot keys – seems to be ok[/li] [li]tab stacking – check; but I miss the "expand tab stack" feature which helps to focus on the certain issue. May be it would be even better to be able – instead of "expand stack" – to "focus" on it, meaning that tabs outside the stack are temporarily hidden and those inside are shown. Also, in Opera 12 I always missed a possibility to rename a stack[/li] [li]built-in thresh bin – check; though, it would be nice to have a hotkey to open thresh bin and 1-9 to open most recent items in it[/li] [li]customizable search in the address bar – check[/li] [li]build-in rss-reader. This is missing for now; I must admit, in Opera 12 the reader has one big drawback – the news can't be exported/imported, so they are lost when reinstalling the browser on a new PC. Would be very nice to have such a reader but with the possibility to export/import.[/li] [li]press of ctrl+U allows not only to see (implemented; hotkey support missing), but also to edit source code and save changes, if it's a local file (changing source of a web-page also sometimes helps with elder and buggy pages). Not sure how much this was Presto-dependent, but I would love to get this feature in Vivaldi as well[/li] [li]advanced DOM-inspector. In Opera 12, the inspector has this great feature: when one hovers an element, it is shown (unfolded) in the DOM tree, so it's needless to "dig" it if the tree is large[/li] [li]support of user CSS – seems to be not implemented yet[/li] [li]built-in banner cutter – very useful as well, looking forward to see it in Vivaldi[/li] [/ul] Basically that's all. Your work is very much appreciated!

  • They posted somewhere here that a bugtracker is in the works being setup. Give it a little time …

  • Ah, I see, thanks. I would be nice though, to "subscribe" somewhere to be sure that when the wizard is ready, I know about it (that's not only me, I guess [1-3]).

    [1] https://vivaldi.net/forum/all/868-better-system-for-feedback-uservoice-or-similar
    [2] https://vivaldi.net/forum/all/933-issue-and-bug-tracker
    [3] https://vivaldi.net/forum/vivaldi-browser/935-bug-tracking-system


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