[Suggestion] Admin gear-change

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Admin are going to have to take a leaf from our book at UT99.org and be a bit stricter, or this forum will turn into a mess. This section is about to get filled with posts for the browser, as people don't look or can't tell the difference between the site sections. My advice is to immediately move the post into the correct section, and add text in red at the bottom to indicate the move. Very simple. No apologies and no extra details, because when you don't have the time for an apology or extra info, the poster will get upset.. eg. [color=#ff0000]MOVED by (insert name}[/color] No I am not available for moderating at the mo, or I would offer (maybe in a couple of weeks) BTW. I think you may even need to make the feature requests thread into it's own sub-section, so you can group them there

  • this is a sugerence about reporting bugs new form sorry if it's wrong place move it is yes
    I'd like to see this field: screenshot reported bug:–--------------- (somewhere place where put bbcode about bug-screenshot taked.)

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