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  • I am trying to learn how to set up speed dial similar to Firefox. First: in FF I have multiple tabs with a 5 column/3 row matrix each. If a particular block is empty, the others do not flow up to fill it in as they do in Vivaldi. This is a relatively minor inconvenience. I thought I could create new folders corresponding to my tabbed speed dial pages and then add each entry to match my FF setup. But the first problem I encountered is that he new folder has no title. I tried selecting the edit function for that folder, and I typed in a title, but t never shows up in the list, only in the edit window. I've tried searching the forums and blogs for information on how to set up speed dial properly, but I haven't found anything yet.

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    Which interface are you using to add the folder? The bookmark panel, or the bookmark manager? (Manager is the page linked from Speed Dial itself.) The way to save a new title for a new folder is different in each location.

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