Where I can put this?

  • I saw this code to remove the browser title bar but do not know where to put it. #header { min-height: 0!important; z-index: auto!important; } .win.topmenu { color: #fff; position: absolute; top: 5px; left: 98px; } .topmenu+#tabs-container.top { border-bottom: 1px solid; position: absolute; top: 62px; width: 100%; z-index: 1!important; } #tabs-container.bottom #tabs, #tabs-container.top #tabs { height: 30px!important; } .toolbar.toolbar-addressbar { padding-right: 100px; } .button-toolbar.rewind{ display: none; } .button-toolbar.next{ display: none; } .button-toolbar.home{ display: none; } #pagetitle{ display: none; } .addressfield { margin-left: 280px!important; } .bookmark-bar{ position: fixed!important; width: 100%; transform: translateY(-100%); transition: transform 0.3s!important; z-index: 1; } .bookmark-bar:hover{ transform: translateY(0); } .toolbar:hover ~.bookmark-bar{ transform: translateY(0); } #header:hover ~ #main.bookmark-bar{ transform: translateY(0); } .window-buttongroup { z-index: 2; }

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    From the thread Vivaldi UI Customisations :


    If you want to edit the CSS there are two ways:
    1. Open common.css and add this at the beginning of the file:

    @import "custom.css";
    ```2\. Open _browser.html_ and add this line after the first  tag:
    And add all your CSS edits in a _custom.css_ file. This way you can just copy your old custom file and add this above line again and you'll always keep the original common file intact.

    Please see that Vivaldi UI Customisations thread for more explanations.

  • Thank you!
    but it seems that there is something wrong with the code ..
    How I can remove this bar?

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    Did you restart after turning off "Use Native Window"?

  • Now it works. I used the second method. thanks: 3
    I do not know what was wrong but no longer matters.

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