Unwanted tab switch

  • Just downloaded Vivaldi and first impressions are good. Seems quick and it's a nice clean layout. I have for one strange thing though. Every time I type the number 4 in the password field it switches to another tab. Assume it's mistaking my input for a shortcut? Any ideas? Thanks OS: Windows 7 31bit

  • Yes by default the "4" key is set as a key option for moving/jumping to the "next tab." Check out Menu > settings and then select navigation on the side and then scroll down to "next tab" and you'll see "4" is a secondary option, perhaps just remove the "4" or choose some other key option.

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    This is a known issue of single-key shortcuts in text fields. It's being looked at.

  • Thanks for the replies. I found the short cut definitions in the settings menu, but it doesn't save my changes. I delete the definition - I don't want any shortcut - close the window but when I reopen it the shortcut is back! :ohmy: It's a PITA. Is there a temporary work around until it's fixed?


  • Yeah, this is only slightly less annoying than when the Opera Dev branch broke crtl + f for ~a month.


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