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  • Hi ! I have been using Vivaldi since 1.2 version. It quickly become my default browser. What is bothering me is, somewhat, you are depending of third party things, like Chromium, that still is Google's property. Do you plan to create your own rendering engine ? I saw the DirectWrite discussion and It's quite frightening when you say you are totally powerless against Chromium orientations. There are for example never solved bugs, like scrollbars not supported in DataLists. Or you can't make extensions based on the "onblur" event that is not implemented in Blink. Don't you think about forking Chromium ?

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    Quick answer: No. It's unfeasible maintaining an engine of our own. The team isn't big enough and since there's a lot of web standards work being done, it also became pretty much unnecessary and a duplication of work. If something is broken, we will instead upstream patches right into Chromium so everybody can benefit from it.

  • Unless obviously, Chromium doesn't want a feature (like directwrite ^^)

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    We don't take Chromium as-is. Vivaldi does apply modifications. So feature addition that Chromium team does not want are possible without them after all. 😉


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