Keep custom.css through Vivaldi updates

  • Hi guys! I've been using Vivaldi now for about 6 months as my default-browser (mostly because I am pretty amazed at adaptability) - one thing is buggin me this whole time, so maybe yo know a easy solution which I couldn't find yet: Every time Vivaldi is pushing an update, the directory-structure in %AppData% changes according to the current version number. I have a custom.css-file in use which changes the appearance of Vivaldi to adapt my daily needs. Because the changed folder-names my custom.css-file is lost on every update, I always have to manually copy and @import this file again in Vivaldis common.css 😞 Is there any possibility that Vivald always imports my custom.css even through updates? Maybe with the new implemented Theme-system? Thank you for every answer and tip! 🙂

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    Such Feature to add a custom.css and/or to preserve it on updates is already discussed by Vivaldi testers and pinged to devs.

  • One thing I'd really like to see with the CSS is the ability to add CSS and keep it in real-time, so we see the changes without having to restart the browser, and keep that in our profiles. This could have a field in the settings popup that we could keep our CSS on our profiles, and could add, edit, and remove CSS and see the changes right away. Would something like that be possible?

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    Feature wish on bugtracker is: VB-20579 "Need a way to restyle Vivaldi that won't be erased by updates"

  • Is there any progress on VB-20579?

    And can that issue itself be viewed somewhere for that matter?

  • @paludis The tracker is not available to Public.
    We just have to have (a little) patience.

  • Are there already any updates to this I might have missed?

  • @dannyqwertz
    Sadly not yet. Latest snapshot still kick the customization.

  • You should consider to move to vivaldi hooks.
    Split all your codes in minimal (by function) .css .js - and only reload them (in readme is written) once at vivaldi updates.


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