Google is killing apps on Windows/Linux in the future, now what?

  • As Vivaldi UI is also an (highly advanced) app, i really wonder if Vivaldi will be able to keep their unique UI after such a move like that by the Chromium developers....

  • Well, that's really good news for the Universal Windows Platform…

    As for Vivaldi - it's not based on Google Chrome (a browser). it's based on Chromium (a browser engine) which is an open source project, so I don't think anything Google does to their browser will affect Vivaldi.

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    Apps and extensions are NOT the same thing. Apps are essentially specialized web pages.

  • The Chrome apps are only links to a website (game or other online), You can put them in your toolbar or speed dial, if You like them, nobody need them in the Chrome shop. Extensions are tools and utilities for the btowser and will be continued in the shop

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