I've been using Vivaldi as my main browser since it's creation. Here are some thoughts

  • First of all - thank you to the team behind the browser! You guys are doing some excellent work! That said, there are still some problems I'm having with the product. 1) Mouse gestures have come a long way, but I still miss the ability to map any command. Right now the choices are limited and the list seems to be completely random (please, add headers or make everything alphabetical). For example, why can't I remove the "open link in a new tab" gesture? It makes using my favourite ('open new tab', swipe down) cumbersome at times when a website I'm viewing is packed with content. Just now I wanted to open a new tab while browsing Facebook and instead opened some random post. It also sometimes seems to be opening a duplicate of the page instead of a blank tab. 2) Touch gestures - I know it's not really the main focus but having recently tried a MacBook for a weekend and then testing Edge (after the Anniversary Update), I have to say the two finger swipe for the "back" and "forward" actions is something I dearly miss in Vivaldi. 3) User profile gets bloated. On a fresh install Vivaldi needs a moment to start. Right now (about half a year into using it) I have to wait a good minute before the window shows up. This HAS to change as speed of the window opening and being ready to use is one of the main reasons people switch browsers. Chrome built its popularity almost solely on being fast as early it practically had no other features to speak of. 4) Windows 10 provides a lot of cool, new features like the Tab pinning. Can we have that? 5) Speed Dial is one of my favourite features, always has been (since inception in early Opera versions). In Vivaldi it still tends to lose website icons, even if they're just a screenshot. When will we be able to customise it? I'd really like to just find a nice graphic (or make one) and make V use that instead. It seems like a simple thing to implement. 6) Some websites can display Desktop notifications these days. I only really use one where that pop-up (asking for permission) shows up, but when it does, I need to remind myself to steer clear of it as clicking any option will just immediately make Vivaldi CTD. 7) Themes. Personally I love the feature of Vivaldi changing colours to match the visited website, however I feel like it should also have the ability to read the colour of the operating system (like the Accent Colour in Windows 10) and match that instead. So, yeah. Let's face it - it's the best browser out there, it just needs a bit of ironing out to become the best browser ever.

  • I miss sound notifications from extensions like Gmail notifier. Desktop notification works but no sound.
    development team please implement sound notications.

  • @reiner1302 - at this point I feel like it would be best if they implemented system notifications (at least in the Windows 10 version). Those go straight into the Action Centre so they're hard to miss.


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