Backspace on flash objects

  • So I was playing a flash game. While writing on the chat i pressed "backspace" what has moved me to the previous page. Wow, really?! :unsure: I'm not sure it is Windows issue only. Anyway, I think it should be fixed as soon as possible. I use latest Vivaldi version and Windows 8.1.

  • there's nothing to fix, I guess you can edit your settings, Keyboard, Page, "History back", click on Backspace, press del key. done, backspace disabled for you

  • I know but I still want to be able to move back by backspace. But with only the one exception when flash object is active. It works like that eg. in Google Chrome and it's an obvious bug for me.

  • Agreed.

    It's the same kind of context problem that when you're in a form field, backspace should not bring you to the last page, but clear the last character as intended (which works A-ok in Vivaldi, BTW).

    Here, if the Flash plugin has the focus, meaning the user clicked on it (which is probably the case for a game, where it needs to have focus to capture keyboard and/or mouse entry), keystrokes should not leak from the context of the Flash plugin to the browser. If this is confirmed, this indeed looks like incorrect behavior to me.


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