Win10 anniversary update ruined fonts in Vivaldi [Solved]

  • Finally succumbed to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which took 90 minutes on my PC. After it was over, went to check how Vivaldi browser was, they really push "Edge" on you; YIKES! Vivaldi has horrible fonts, I can't read anything, all letters are like silver slices so thin I can't read it. Seeing others comment about the Fonts before in posts , I checked the [b]Direct Write[/b] setting under[b] chrome://flags [/b]in Vivaldi, [b][u]Disabled[/u][/b] it, and now all is well its back to Normal fonts in Vivaldi. Glad I still use version 1.0 Maybe that might be a problem with others who update Win10? Also I did try the "Edge" browser, Microsoft did something because it is super fast rendering, has good fonts, runs wicked fast all around. I think its using the chromium engine too.

  • If you are using the latest stable version, then Disabling
    New version of User Agent Intervention for WebFonts loading
    in Chrome://flags also seems to fix this problem.


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