Requests & Weirdies about present 1.3 build and for future

  • Hi, lads πŸ™‚ As first, I'd like to thanks Vivaldi to being successor of old-good Opera browser. At the same time, however, as it is still published new and new versions, I'm still wating for some old features and they still missing, meantime I get some feature for colorizing UI - OK, nice, but still, where is...: [ul] [li]- synchronizing SpeedDial, Notes and Bookmarks?[/li] [li]- feature for backup my settings, forms, bookmarks, passwords, notes, whole UI layout? C'mon, doesn!'t matter Chromium cannot allow it easily.[/li] [li]- feature for drag tab and drop it on other Vivaldi window on second monitor OR drop it on blank desktop on second monitor for make a second/third/fourth Vivaldi Window without context-menu-clicking-fest[/li] [li]- possibility to full hiding of navigate buttons on left side of address bar, I never use it, we have mouse gestures for these actions already[/li] [li]- automatic fill predictions in any web forms ONLY by my canned texts (e.g. only a few e-mail address, parts of postal addresses, telephone numbers, nicknames etc. - like Opera =<12[/li] [li]- make anonymous tabs instead of anonymous windows[/li] [li]- possibility to user setting for showing tab titles UNDER the tabs not above the tabs - like Opera =<12[/li] [/ul] Also build 1.3.551.30 (64bit on Win10) has some old problems from older builds: [ul] [li]- HTML5 video fullscreen has still problems with getting back from fullscreen to window - still changing whole browser window instead only video (see on [url=][/url], [url=][/url] and try fullscreen, then press Escape button on keyboard and then press fullscreen/window button in video player - Vivaldi problem or these website's players problem?[/li] [li]- when I duplicate tab this tab has no browser history from original tab - and I cannot go back on previous page in duplicated tab[/li] [li]- button for selectable automatic refresh of specific speeddial preview, not all previews[/li] [li]- mouse middle click and move up and down does not stop when I use mouse wheel to scroll manually[/li] [/ul] Feature requests as completions of present features: [ul] [li]- possibility for making own speeddial previews, for example due to set own picture from web and set URL manually (no automatic generate preview for [url=][/url] or some other no-nice-looking pages[/li] [li]- adding notes via context menu is great, finally, but next step is using folders structure as it used in Notes[/li] [li]- weird tab colors taken from website (favicon) then previous final Vivaldi build (e.g. [url=][/url]) - some pages in favicon use colours that do not use anywhere else on pages and then new tab colors hurting my eyes[/li] [li]- when I save session with name of previous saved session old session should be rewrited by new one - not saved as XYZ(1) - OR made some sessions manager for working with sessions in same one window - renaming, making new ones and deleting[/li] [/ul] Thank you for reading this and I'm waiting with hope for new builds πŸ˜‰

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    I am sure there are some lasses here as well as us lads. πŸ™‚

    Pretty much everything in your list is already in this list of feature requests.

    I have no problem exiting from fullscreen @ moviezone. Clone tab also clones the tab history.

    1.3.551.30 (Stable channel) (32-bit) on Windows 10

  • About exiting from fullscreen, thanks for info, I'll try to later with some clear Vivaldi instlalation, maybe some extension making this…

    but I hope there is already as feature request "Export/Import user profile with settings and everything other". I use Vivaldi at work and now work also from home - It is tragic that I cannot export and import anything else than bookmarks. I know that is some security feature of Chrome (Chromium), but still it is tragic. No passwords, no SpeedDials, no settings, no sessions, no own searches, no Notes, no installed and used Extensions and if I try to copy some of that files from work Vivaldi to another standalone home Vivaldi, they say "Profile of something is corrupted".

    I cannot backup nothing than bookmarks, I cannot import nothing than bookmarks and when something crash and I get new work/home computer... it will be tragic. God damned, backuping & importing is primary, not some colorizing GUI. And not, synchronizing with server IS NOT solution. Backup and import of important informations and files must work offline too. Not everybody should syncing eg. password or whotever with some others servers, doesn't matter how much they are encrypted/bulletproof...

    World's most important things:

    1) Make possible Vivaldi user profile backup/import
    2) Eat, drink, breath, making love and etc


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