Bug: Indirect rendering error

  • I've experienced an unusual rendering error where my theme preferences disappeared and all my previous font settings were reset. I was able to fix the theme, but the fonts can't be changed for some reason. Another strange glitch I've noticed is on YouTube. For some reason I when I click to edit comments nothing happens. My system is completely up to date, running Ubuntu 15.10-Wily. Not sure if they will help but I started Vivaldi on the command line and sampled this output: [code][24779:24779:0820/013946:ERROR:background_mode_manager_aura.cc(13)] Not implemented reached in virtual void BackgroundModeManager::EnableLaunchOnStartup(bool) libGL error: open uki failed (Operation not permitted) libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering[/code] I can't make heads or tails of this error message, but I assume it's related to my issue. Does anyone have any explanation for what happened, or any suggestions on how I should go about correcting this problem?

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