Feasibility to restore device emulation?

  • Device emulation for developers has apparently been missing for months? What is the feasibility on fixing this? Surprised for something aimed at power users to be missing such an essential web development tool.

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    Device emulation has never been included in Vivaldi. The code to enable it is not written yet.

  • Oh I saw a post from forever ago that said

    "The button is lost in Vivaldi Developer Tools, that's a known bug. Currently no solution.
    We apologize this behavior of Vivaldi, a fix will come."


    I wonder how hard it would be to add it. Opera and other browsers have an identical one functionality wise as Chrome.

    We were sitting around the office testing out Vivaldi getting really pumped till we opened up the dev tools lol.

    Bummer. I guess I'll just check back periodically.

  • Well, are you sure? 🙂 Considering that Dev Tools settings has a separate page for specifiying various mobile devices…

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