Tab bar resizes when closing tabs

  • At times I have a lot of tabs open, so many that there's less than the standard tab width available. If I close a tab towards the right of the page, all the tabs increase to standard width and push the ones to the right off the page. Then it can take a second or two before the tab that now has focus to reappear in the tab bar. This behavior seems to have been introduced in Vivaldi 1.3 1.3.551.30 (Stable channel) (32-bit) Windows 10 x64

  • The resizing only happens when I close a tab in midst of the row. If I close the one that's at the far right then it closes happily without resizing.

  • I have observed this behaviour, too.
    If you move the mouse out of the tab-bar, the tabs immediatelly rearrange to show all of them.

  • 2017, vivaldi v1.6 and it's still happening, "too many" tabs, closing some in the middle, other change width and push many of them off screen, it's very annoying. What to do?

  • Annoying bug...


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