Vivaldi opening with speed dial (no tabs) and small window

  • As of the most recent update, when I open Vivaldi, it always opens with a small window and none of my tabs (it opens to speed dial). If I grow the window to normal size and mess with the settings (open with certain tabs, or open with homepage, or open with most recent tabs), it still opens shrunken with no tabs. Is anyone else having this issue or know why it is happening to me all of a sudden? EDIT: System notes-- 1.3.551.28 (Developer Build) (64-bit) Revision ec1fa47e9941592fc4783e7c53ea5291c667df58 Running on Windows 7 64 Professional (with all recommended updates)

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    No. That's weird. Do you run any 3rd party security software?

  • It's on my work machine–they use eSet.

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    If it never interfered with it before, you might try to refresh your profile.

  • Thanks for the tip–refreshing my profile led me to the solution, though not in the expected manner. First, by way of backup information--when I was first trying to figure out the problem yesterday, and I was messing with the settings, I told it to start with specific pages, then I clicked the button to start with the current pages. I had two pages open. Four pages then showed up in the list of pages to open with (two of which were not actually open in any window and I marked them out of the startup list). I would have included this in the information yesterday if I realized its relevancy.

    So, when I tried to refresh my profile, I couldn't because Windows wouldn't let me rename the folder--it said it was in use, even though I had closed Vivaldi. So I opened the task manager and sure enough, there were a few Vivaldi processes running. I terminated those processes and opened Vivaldi without refreshing the profile. It opened to the most recent setting I used--which was to open to the tabs that were open when Vivaldi was closed. It opened to the two non-existent pages.

    I changed the settings to open to the two pages I want and now it works fine.

    So, the problem was still a bug of sorts, which probably should not have happened, but is now resolved.


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