Browser Crash

  • I've been using Vivaldi for the past several months and recently its been crashing. Was wondering how to solve this.

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    What are you doing when it crashes? I have seen a few on dragging images on the page.

    Cleaning your user profile may help.

  • I'm not sure, it seems completely random.

  • Not sure if its appropriate to necro post but my browser is still crashing. I've tried refreshing it a few times and no dice.

  • More details are needed before anything can be suggested.

    What OS?
    What version of Vivaldi (see Help/About)?

    Not sure what you mean by refreshing, have you tried with clean profile (no extensions or imported bookmarks)?

    How many and what type of tabs open when crashing?

    If video related then post the first part of vivaldi://gpu
    (include 1st 3 sections: Graphics Feature Status, Driver Bug Workarounds, Problems Detected

  • OS: Windows 7 64bit

    Vivaldi version: 1.4.589.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    I've tried several clean profiles without extensions, then without bookmarks, still crashes.

    As far as tabs I typically brows web forums, youtube, and my e-mail, and Vivaldi's crashed with each site.

    Graphics Feature Status:
    Canvas: Hardware accelerated
    Flash: Hardware accelerated
    Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated
    Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Hardware accelerated
    Compositing: Hardware accelerated
    Multiple Raster Threads: Enabled
    Native GpuMemoryBuffers: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled
    Rasterization: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled
    Video Decode: Hardware accelerated
    Video Encode: Hardware accelerated
    WebGL: Hardware accelerated

    Driver Bug Workarounds:

    Problems Detected:
    Some drivers are unable to reset the D3D device in the GPU process sandbox
    Applied Workarounds: exit_on_context_lost
    TexSubImage is faster for full uploads on ANGLE
    Applied Workarounds: texsubimage_faster_than_teximage
    Clear uniforms before first program use on all platforms: 124764, 349137
    Applied Workarounds: clear_uniforms_before_first_program_use
    Always rewrite vec/mat constructors to be consistent: 398694
    Applied Workarounds: scalarize_vec_and_mat_constructor_args
    ANGLE crash on glReadPixels from incomplete cube map texture: 518889
    Applied Workarounds: force_cube_complete
    Framebuffer discarding can hurt performance on non-tilers: 570897
    Applied Workarounds: disable_discard_framebuffer
    Direct composition flashes black initially on Win <10: 588588
    Applied Workarounds: disable_direct_composition
    Zero copy DXGI video hangs on shutdown on Win < 8.1: 621190
    Applied Workarounds: disable_dxgi_zero_copy_video
    NV12 DXGI video hangs or displays incorrect colors on AMD drivers: 623029, 644293
    Applied Workarounds: disable_dxgi_zero_copy_video, disable_nv12_dxgi_video
    Limited enabling of Chromium GL_INTEL_framebuffer_CMAA: 535198
    Applied Workarounds: disable_framebuffer_cmaa
    Accelerated rasterization has been disabled, either via blacklist, about:flags or the command line.
    Disabled Features: rasterization
    Native GpuMemoryBuffers have been disabled, either via about:flags or command line.
    Disabled Features: native_gpu_memory_buffers

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    Why not try the new snapshot and see what that does?

  • what do you mean by snapshot?

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    On the Blog, the developers publish a new build about once a week. They always have improvements over the latest stable version, and are usually very stable themselves. The most recent one with a direct download link would be on this blog page here:

    After you download and install that, you will also get another offer to update, which you can accept to see how the incremental updates will work.


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