TIckboxes to disable things please

  • Obviously I'm here like most people because I love having a browser packed full of features. What that does mean though is that sometimes they get in my way. For instance I never want to save passwords, I abuse tabs far too much for tab previews to be much use to me nor for my machine to like it, and similarly, having a close button on a tab is mostly a liability When I'm testing stuff, the ability to clear any caches and set them to 0 bytes is a godsend. In an ideal world, a well-ordered prefs panel (likely with an 'expert mode' to show the less common ones only when needed) would be great, but a long opera:config style list of bits and pieces considered obscure enough not to ever warrant space there would be nice. I am looking forward to see the browser grow, and see which much-missed features reappear, and what new ideas or better ways to do old things also are revealed, thanks for all the work so far.

  • I'd like to see option to disable things like password saving and tab previews too, of course more options is always good.
    Personally I never save passwords to browser so hopefully they add that change.


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