Bookmarks require double click

  • Why? This isn't the case with any other browser.

  • I had to right-click to open a bookmark

  • Way back in Presto (Opera 7-12), it was optional whether the Bookmarks panel was single-click … just as the Windows desktop can be set either way. If you are using it like a management window, then you want the first click to select the item so that you could then click the Edit or Delete button. But if you're using it as Bookmarks, you really don't want to have to double-click everything.

    So, to the remark no browser did it that way ... one did. But as I'm not seeing a Bookmarks bar or menu, I'd make the other choice here.

  • I want an option or just old one click bookmark open, please. Can`t wait until you guys do sync bookmarks and all stuff.

  • Moderator has bookmarks? Really? I cant find them.

    May be you should use the correct forum to get help. ;)

  • I moved this thread now. ;)

  • single click priority is selecting bookmark (for drag or multi selection etc)
    but it should be option to open with single click
    I personally find that too nervous…
    alway have to watch will I accidentally click, or if I need to de-select something..where to click...
    there is no neutral area on tree panel for free click

    edit: yea, sgunhouse already wrote the same :whistle:
    didn't read

  • ~
    If Vivaldi had a traditional Bookmark Menu, like almost all other browsers still do, then we would not feel the need to debate about whether and how we should be able to open a bookmark from within the Bookmark Manager/Panel, which is all we have now, other than the Bookmark Bar.
    Devs, PLEASE add a traditional Bookmark Menu !

    Thanks ! :cheer:

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