Way to pop-up show at new window?

  • I feel satisfaction using vivaldi but I feel inconvenience about pop-up, all pop-up combine with new tab, not new window. Anyone knows way to pop-up show at new window?

  • Not possible, currently.
    Has been requested, so is on the list of "things to come", but there is no timescale for this.

  • I have a more specific variation on the same question.

    In AOL mail, I want to view the source code to see where a spam message came from so I can forward the message to the originating email server's Abuse team.

    • In Chrome, I click on Open message in new window, and the message pops out as a separate window. In Vivaldi, the message opens in a new tab.
    • In Chrome, I use a pull-down menu and click on View Message Source and a separate, simple window pups up, displaying the source code (e.g., the header, etc.). In Vivaldi, nothing happens. It doesn't even open in a new tab.
    • The next step is to click to forward the message.

    Once I have the source code, I cut-and-paste it into the forwarded message and inspect the code for IPs and URLs that indicate sites that may have been hacked. I can then look them up using ip-lookup.net and whois.icann.org, and address the message to the sites' abuse@… addresses.

    If the message source window opened in another tab in step 2 the way the it does in step 1, that would be fine.

  • Moderator

    The creation of a popup window related to a parent tab is broken in Vivaldi.
    Vivaldi opens the content in a new tab.
    A known and unfixed bug.

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