Make "Open link in background tab" as default an option

  • Is there a way to make "[b]Open link in background tab[/b]" the default option or the option that appears at the top of the context menu? There is a bit of inconsistency in that some options such as "[b]Open image in new tab[/b]" goes to background and others don't. I personally prefer tabs opening in the background as my workflow is to open numerous links from a parent page, read the parent page before moving onto the child\linked pages. For reference Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer opens new tabs in the background as the default option.

  • Moderator

    There's no easy way to edit the context menu yet.

    Middle-click or Ctrl + Click will open links in the background. A mouse gesture can also be assigned.

    Opening of images in the background looks like a bug to me, or the menu should be changed.

    Reported as (VB-20548) Open Image in New Tab opens in a Background Tab

  • For the bug report would it be possible to add a note to possibly make it user configurable?

  • Moderator

    When I looked at the bug report, such a comment had already been added. I added my comment as well, noting that most would like this to be an option, not an unalterable default.


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