Unresponsive Weird behavior, Please help.

  • I've reinstalled Vivaldi around 8 times in only 3 months. Kind of annoyed by it TBH.. So what happens is It will lock up and then I'll HAVE to end the process as it eats my Disc up to 99%/100% and wont shut off by any other conventional means. if I try to restart it afterwards - it will start up and act just fine up until I open a new tab or try to load a page, It will get right before the point it would display anything and then just freeze up, If I try to view Vivaldi settings It will freeze up. There has to be a fix other then just losing every thing including my bookmarks and doing a full on reinstall. Its worth noting what a typical usage by me would look like. Deviant art, Pixiv, Youtube, Nico TV, Netflix, Sling, and on occasion Facebook thats about it, almost.. I'll visit a few gaming websites once in a while. OS: windows 10 Pro 64 bit CPU: AMD FX 8350 GPU: radeon r9 280 3gb RAM: 16 gbs DDR3 All drivers should be up to date and My hard drive and RAM are fine after testing them.

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    With your resources, Vivaldi should be running as slick as snot on a brass doorknob.

    You should probably refresh your profile.

  • unfortunately I cannot even get Vivaldi to work long enough to view the default path, but I'll find it really quick and give a status update.

  • alright, looks to be working. thanks for the suggestion. I really appreciate it!

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    My pleasure.

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