Accent Color is "Remembered" When Switching to a Tab with a PDF

  • Hello, To reproduce the UI bug do the following: [ol] [li]Open any tab with some .pdf document in it[/li] [li]Open another tab and load any web page that would change your browser accent color (custom theme settings)[/li] [li]Close that tab to return to the PDF containing tab[/li] [li]You should see the PDF tab having the same color as the previous tab.[/li] [/ol] The same problem happens when instead of PDF tabs you have some internal corporate tabs open. Can you reproduce this?

  • EDIT: The behavior is reproducible only when you return to PDF containing tab by closing web page containing tab, and NOT by switching to the PDF tab by clicking on it.

    This is strange. The bug is gone now… but sometimes it comes right back up!

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