Vivaldi needs to speed up

  • The one thing I don't like about Vivaldi it's the time that takes to open a website, I've tried in Windows 7 and 8.1, and in both cases it's slower than other browsers (Opera, chrome, IE). So because of that, I think it should be the main focus to fix in the next version, because it's more important than adding more features.

  • I hear ya, but keep in mind Vivaldi currently is a tech preview…I wouldn't even really call it a alpha version yet so a lot of the system resource management, fine tuning and tweaks and functionality improvements will come as new versions are released.

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    I hope it can speed up a lot too. Things like hovering over tabs, etc. are sluggish. All other browsers on my machine are snappy; only Vivaldi is slow. But I'll give this pleeeeeeeeeeeeenty of time given it's in it's infancy.

  • I was using vivaldi at sites without adds, non comercial sites like and now flickr and the speed is well, only in this site of forum the speed is very slow.
    I miss adguard extension!!

  • your forgot to mention it's slower than Firefox too… this is annoying.

  • I think they are aware of that as its mentioned in their page that optimization is still missing.

    The strange thing is that for some people it seems to work fine. In my case I also find it a bit slow, the tabs are slow and loading websites, and this is strange because under the hood its basically Chromium so it should load pages blazing fast. All other browsers work fine, even Firefox is faster :cheer:

    I think its not affecting all system equal so far. Just hold on there, it should get better with new previews. Lets hope so…

    Could this be related to how you installed it?

    I noticed some users have it installed under:

    C:\Program Files (x86)

    Others under


    I wonder if there is a difference between installation modes.

  • Well, I agree that it's just a tech preview, but it'd be totally usable if it was faster, so that's why I think it should be the main focus to fix on the next update.
    I'm used to have some bugs in the browsers, I've been using Opera's alphas and developers versions for years as my main browser, because they are usually very stable. But I just can't use Vivaldi because of the speed.
    And yeah, the forum is very slow in any browser.

  • The forum is a Joomla plugin… I've zero expectations for performance from Joomla itself, let alone its plugins.

    But yeah, the sentiment regarding Vivaldi being usable as soon as the performance slots into place is one I absolutely agree with, and I think it's more important than perhaps the developers and others here realize. I don't know about others, but I've gotten to the point with Opera where I'm a little fed-up with "feature improvements" going towards stripping out Stash in favor of lackluster bookmarks and meanwhile seeing no meaningful progress on GUI/tab management/so on.

    With Spartan set to be available in the W10 Preview in the next couple of months (and with IE's Edge.dll enabled already and spoiling my expectations from a browser for smooth performance) and with Spartan set to offer a proper alternative to Webkit/Blink/Gecko (IE9+ I don't count as wholly there just for what needs to be given-up with UI/extensions) and to expand into tab stacking, I think you're going to get an interesting situation where people such as myself who liked Opera 12 and are finally nearing the end of the rope with modern Opera will give Spartan a real shot, and people such as myself latch onto that and get comfortable with it, Vivaldi's task of sniping just the niche of former Opera 12 Windows users will be tough.

    But it's also an opportunity for Vivaldi, particularly on non-Windows platforms, because Microsoft is going to do tons of marketing and media blitzing about GUI and workflow, components that should be strong suits of both Spartan and Vivaldi, so if Vivaldi can put up performance that's a snowball away from Chrome/Opera and go toe-to-toe or better than Spartan on GUI, it's going to position itself to possibly reap even more success than Opera 12's former niche. I'm not expecting it to bulldoze Spartan, Chrome, and FF in the process, but it could carve a much bigger userbase than anyone would have expected.

  • I find it strange that (aside from this forum, which takes nearly 10 seconds to load each page), it takes a long time to load a website the first time, but any subpages with the same domain load very quickly (just as fast, if not FASTER, than Opera 24, which has been my main browser for the last couple of months).

    Maybe something is wrong with my computer, but Vivaldi loads most pages only 50% slower than other browsers I've used. I guess that sounds like a lot, but when it normally takes 1 second to load a page, I don't really notice another half second.

    With that in mind, if I find the speed difference tolerable with an un-optimised tech preview, then a speed boost would definitely make this my favourite browser.

  • I've noticed less issues with direct page loads and more with opening new tabs and other things more easily pegged directly to the browser itself. As far as pages within the same domain loading quickly, it could be due to predictive caching or DNS caching (predictive caching automatically begins loading pages that are linked to from the current page "intelligently", assuming the likelihood you will click said links; Internet Explorer uses this heavily).

  • I guess that my perception of the speed is based on my 29 years of personal computing. Going from 5 1/4" floppies to dial-up and bulletin boards to the world wide web and then cable or dsl instead of dial-up definitely influence how I look at things. A fraction of a second in loading is not a make-or-break proposition for me.

    Opera from version 2 until I stopped upgrading with version 12.4 and 12.7 has always been one of the faster browsers available. I expect Vivaldi's developers to follow the same path from their Opera past. Personally I am a lot more interested in stability and things like bookmark management and user preferences in the Settings Menu, plus a Wand and password control similar to Opera 12.


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